The Displays That Pay team consists of a mix of creative, entrepreneurial, business development and highly technical people, who embrace customer requirements and design, develop and deliver innovative and interactive applications that drive revenue, relationship, recognition and renewal. We are fueled by the exciting opportunities our customers bring to us to help their customers grow their business. If you are in St. Louis, come visit us.

Mark Rice, CMO/Managing Partner
Mark leads the marketing direction and product roadmap for our Displays That Pay as a Service offerings. A 30 year veteran technical marketing manager, solutions consultant and instructional designer for McDonnell Douglas and Xerox Corporation, Mark designed our innovative “Display as a Service” (DaaSX) platform that leverages our partner solutions and our Mobile Media Made Easy® services portfolio. Mark sometimes brings his mandolin and guitar skills to our business, composing clever "Hello and Farewell" tunes for customers and staff.

Steven Gleason, CTO/CPO (Chief Privacy Officer)
Steve fuels our company with the software development and rapid-prototyping skills that have accelerated the development of our product platform. An early coder in high school, Steve has honed his programming capabilities over the past 10 years delivering an impressive portfolio of integrated customer applications. Among these are integrations with leading industry software as a service (SaaS) platforms like the Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Brainshark. Steve was one of the first startup lead developers to participate in the "paired-programming" LaunchCode program, initiated by Jim McKelvey, co-founder of Square, Inc. The LaunchCode program accelerated our development of the DaaSX platform as Steve paired-up and mentored a local developer to design our first software release. When Steve isn't coding, he is either out motorcycling or rock climbing.

Carolyn Hasenfratz, Creative Director
Carolyn provides our graphic design, web development and branded content. With over 25 years experience, Carolyn has extensive experience in designing web sites and interactive media, coding sites and interactive web tools, designing, building and maintaining client web sites and creating printed corporate identity and advertising materials. Carolyn is a Route 66 preservationist and created the successful Sell66Stuff website where Route 66 merchants daily sign up to advertise their events and memorabilia.