Mobile Media Made Easy with Brainshark On-Demand Video

Our partner solutions and our unique product offerings make up the building blocks that provide an interactive and dynamic user experience that will help you create new business and increase your profitability.

Brainshark generates more "click-throughs" than traditional email and social media communications. We further leverage Brainshark as our platform of choice to further engage prospects, partners and customers in our Displays That Pay family of solutions. Whether you wish to amplify your presence and brand at a trade show with video content (SHOWCloud) or enable customers to download your mobile ad from our CASHFlow Cloud display, viewers will gain and retain more knowledge when viewing Brainshark videos on our platform.

Beginning from our early integration with the first embedded Brainshark presentation to our latest "at the moment and location" pop-up video display, we can embed trackable, rich media communications into your website, email, CRM, blog, social media and mobile communications.

What do you want to display today? Contact us today to set up your Brainshark user account.

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